School of Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health- Job description of the Education Office
Job description of the Education Office

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Job description of the Education Office
  1. Registration and oversight of course enrollment (add/drop, withdrawal, etc.) by undergraduate and postgraduate students,
  2. Syllabus development at the beginning of, and administration of examinations at the end of each semester in collaboration with academic departments,
  3. Ensuring regular holding of classes and final examinations,
  4. Supervision of the academic performance of students (honor students, students on probation, etc.),
  5. Student grade inquiry (from faculty members) and registration,
  6. Organizing meetings of the Council of Thesis Evaluation and Approval, Comprehensive Examinations, and Postgraduate Student Thesis Defense,
  7. Issuance of education certificates,
  8. Review of student records and forwarding of graduation reports to University officials,
  9. Development of internship programs,
  10.  Organization of monthly Education Council meetings for educational planning, responding to student requests, and other related matters,
  11.  Issuance and approval of monthly student work certificates for PhD students for submission to the accounting department,
  12.  Calculation and issuance of PhD student salary statements,
  13.  Coordination of comprehensive examinations,
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